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Yuram’s message and approach
Yuram is a cross-platform application that is devoted to empowering parents, educators, teachers, therapists, rehabilitation specialists, and pediatricians with effective communications tools that enhance the delivery of high-quality education, special education, and healthcare.

Why YurAm

Why You choose Yuram


Yuram is devoted to creating a trusted community in which certified professionals in diverse fields are connected to parents who are willing to learn and share their experiences.

Multiple Hats Support

Whether you are a therapist and a center manager, or a parent and a pediatrician, or whatever hats you have, Yuram supports them all. You will be able to navigate smoothly through your roles, to serve and get served.

Anytime, Anywhere

At the core of Yuram’s services is the facilitation of remote delivery of rehabilitative and educational plans. We provide the tools for guiding parents to implement those plans, and for empowering professionals to hold remote sessions and track progress in a timely manner.

Customers love Yuram.

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“What usually takes at least 2 or 3 weeks was reduced to 4 days. That in itself is invaluable.”

Abigail Roberts

“I was thrilled by the quality of the customer support. The team were helpful throughout the entire process, I couldn’t be happier with the results – will use again!”

Annabelle Porter

“Simply the best. Better than all the rest. I’d recommend this product to beginners and advanced users.”



“This is a top quality product. No need to think twice before purchasing, you simply could not go wrong”

Jonathan Wilson

“Once again, my expectations have been surpassed – Bravo!”

Brett Thompson

“Finally, I’ve found a template that covers all bases for a bootstrapped startup. We were able to launch in days, not months.”

Anna Souzakis


Ahmad Al-Kabbany


Khaled Adel

Frontend Developer

Yahya Alaa


Mahmoud Ali

Backend Developer

Alaa Hesham

Chief Research Officer

Board of Advisors

Dr. Maged Ghoneima

Director, Innovation Hub - iHub
Yuram's Advisor for Hardware Technology

Mrs. Radwa Eltanab, M.S., BCBA, IBA

Independent ABA Practitioner and Consultant
Yuram's Advisor for Behavioral Analysis

Dr. Haidy Karem

Founder-Bond Support Group
Yuram's Advisor for Special Ed. and Early Intervention