Better Communication for Better Rehabilitation

Facilitating the delivery of high-quality rehabilitation through timely progress monitoring and innovative capacity building

Yuram is a cross-platform application

that is devoted to empowering parents, educators, teachers, therapists, rehabilitation specialists, and pediatricians with effective communications tools that enhance the delivery of high-quality education, special education, and healthcare.

Capacity Building

Yuram brings parents actively to the triangle of education, special education, and rehabilitation, by making them a principal part of implementing individualized training plans.

Continuous Monitoring

Yuram provides a highly secure digital repository of performance data that empowers professionals to track progress in a timely manner, and design and update plans on a data-driven basis.

Comprehensive Serving 

Yuram is dedicated to realizing a one-stop marketplace for educational and rehabilitation services, including screening, assessment, and training, under the supervision of competent professionals.

Yuram caters for the needs of

  • Keep record of your children’s individual educational plan
  • Maintain a transferable record of performance data
  • Get access to diverse at-home services
  • Evaluate and rate professionals to access high-quality service
  • Monitor the progress of your students and trainees continuously
  • Take data-driven decisions to develop or updates plans
  • Maintain a repository for educational or rehabilitation plans
  • Access standard, or design customized, assessment tools
  • Extend your reach and leave an impact on a larger community
  • Manage sessions and schedule appointments effectively
  • Maintain a digital repository of several curricula, all in one place
  • Provide diverse on-premises and at-home services

Take a Closer Look

Yuram’s platform allows educators and specialists to manage their 360 degrees relationships with their patients and learners… Here’s a sneak peek of the platform’s capabilities

How It works

We have Three Scenarios of Work

A Parent? Seek Help through Yuram

  • A parent searches for an educator, or a therapist
  • The parent requests to get connected
  • The therapist or an educator accepts and suggests a monthly plan
  • The parent approves and purchases the plan
  • Et voilà

  • A therapist searches for a customer who is an existing user of Yuram
  • The therapist invites the customer
  • The customer accepts to join
  • The therapist or an educator suggests a monthly plan
  • The parent approves and purchases the plan
  • Et voilà

  • A parent posts a service request
  • Yuram connects her/him to a relevant service provider
  • Yuram’s team supervises an online coordination meeting
  • The service provider sends an offer
  • The parent accepts the offer
  • The parent and the provider rate their experience
  • Et voilà

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Assessment Tools for Attention

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